October 12, 2014

living walls and everything that I'm obsessing over

 I really want my wall to come alive for my birthday present, except I don't really think that's going to happen anytime soon, unfortunately. In the mean time, I discovered living walls while looking through an art journal, and I love them. Instead of hanging up a painting, you can now choose a from a wide array of living plants to hang up on your living room wall (pun intended... kind of?), which is AMAZING.

It's kind of odd because I feel so uninspired right now, yet there is so much happening (like fashion month, which I think the entire blogging community has gotten even remotely engaged in by now!). Anyways, I really, really want to go back to Paris soon, because I miss it a little too much. 

I went to New York, and I don't really understand what people love so much about the city. I don't feel as if it has any charm (though the food is great!), but Paris has so much of it. Speaking of Paris, don't you love these two backpacks from Mansur Gavriel? *the. best. things. ever!*
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